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America's mask resistance is just the latest example of a perennial struggle

America was born in rebellion and it's a spirit that still runs deep in its character.

The perennial American struggle between the government and the veneration of individual liberty is boiling to a head again: Some citizens are balking at expert guidance for them to cover their faces, in order to check the spread of the coronavirus. America Cryptocurrency News If you live in a country where the balance between personal rights and collective well-being falls differently, you might consider the refusal to wear a mask to be pure selfishness. But while plenty of Americans are wearing masks, rebellion is part of the country's political DNA.

Ashley Smith from North Carolina, for example, recently burned a mask in a frying pan in a Facebook video, and told CNN sister channel HLN that mandatory mask use infringes "our freedoms." America Press Release Distribution In Arizona, where the coronavirus infection rate is spiking, Charles Gbekia said he wouldn't wear a mask even though he's lost family to the virus. In California, where masks have just been made mandatory, a top health official said Monday that she had received death threats over the issue.

President Donald Trump is hardly helping, with his message that masking up is intrinsically weak, liberal and un-American. Last week, he mused that Americans who wore face coverings were trying to hurt him politically.

As he often does, he is tearing at a social fault line for his own political gain. But it's not the first time masks have become a political flashpoint -- it was the same in the influenza pandemic in 1918, when Americans were told to make masks at home. Iowans back then were enraged at orders to wear masks on trolley cars. America Stock Market And in California, one doctor who called for the use of masks was blasted as a "faddist" and a "purveyor of mask propaganda." The current debate also parallels past showdowns over the government sticking its nose into seat belts, smoking and guns.


Reeling after a weekend campaign rally with the lower-than-expected turnout, President Donald Trump changed the subject Monday morning with a series of widely debunked lies about alleged voter fraud in US elections, writes CNN's, Marshall Cohen. "RIGGED 2020 ELECTION: MILLIONS OF MAIL-IN BALLOTS WILL BE PRINTED BY FOREIGN COUNTRIES AND OTHERS. IT WILL BE THE SCANDAL OF OUR TIMES!" Trump tweeted, among other claims.

The catch: Trump's primary allegation -- that voting by mail leads to "massive fraud" -- is just completely untrue. America Business News Contrary to the President's claims, there are many more cases of eligible voters who didn't receive their mail ballots on time, and therefore potentially were disenfranchised, than there are examples of people fraudulently casting multiple ballots, according to a CNN review of data from a half-dozen recent primaries.

Officials are trying to resolve these issues before November.

It would be a "waste of paper" for foreign countries to print fraudulent ballots, according to Michael McDonald, a political science professor at the University of Florida who runs the United States Elections Project and is a leading authority on voting data and statistics. America Political News "The legally valid (ballots) printed by election officials have many safeguards to protect against fraudulent voting," he tweeted.

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