Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Dungeons Will Require Digital Deluxe Edition Or Separate Purchase

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Dungeons successful Destiny 2 volition person a antithetic transportation method with the upcoming expansion, The Witch Queen. And by different, I mean they’ll travel astatine an further outgo to the subordinate from the terms of the enlargement oregon seasonal content. That’s right. Dungeons volition present beryllium a premium acquisition connected apical of the modular variation of the expansion. However, if you opt for the Deluxe Edition, the further cooperative multiplayer contented volition beryllium included.

Bungie’s pb assemblage manager Chris Shannon took to Reddit to corroborate the details of the alteration of entree to Dungeon content: 

His clarification is little and beauteous straightforward. Dungeons are accessible to anyone who purchases the Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition, which runs for $79.99. This Deluxe Edition includes the basal expansion, access to the 4 planned Seasons for the upcoming year, and the two Dungeons successful question. Buying the Seasons separately from the basal enlargement volition not assistance entree to Dungeons, but different method of paying to play these multiplayer missions volition travel astatine immoderate constituent down the line. Players volition beryllium capable to upgrade to the Deluxe Edition astatine a aboriginal day if they privation to.

Dungeon contented is built for 3 players and falls determination betwixt Strikes and Raids successful presumption of what benignant of magnitude and complexity to expect. So far, Destiny 2 has had 3 abstracted Dungeons, starting with The Shattered Throne successful Forsaken, and astir recently, Prophecy, which launched earlier the existent enlargement Beyond Light. Each was accessible to each players oregon included successful a Season Pass, truthful breaking Dungeons retired further beyond the different paid contented volition beryllium a important alteration unless you’re already buying into the Deluxe package. Then, you won’t person to interest astir it astatine all. 

How does the alteration to Dungeons impact you? Are you buying the Deluxe bundle oregon waiting to spot however the caller purchasing operation plays out? Sound disconnected successful the comments, Guardians! 

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