Trump’s New Social Media Platform Is Already Under Federal Investigation

1 month ago 14
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Trump’s caller societal media task was flagged by experts arsenic a scheme, and the SEC is already investigating.

CNN reported:

In October, Trump announced a caller media task that would “stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech.” That caller entity, chaired by the erstwhile president, agreed to spell nationalist done a merger with Digital World, a Special Purpose Acquisition Company, oregon SPAC.

In a filing Monday, Digital World Acquisition Corp. said it received a papers and accusation petition from the Securities and Exchange Commission successful aboriginal November. Among different items, Digital World said the SEC petition sought documents and communications betwixt Digital World and Trump Media and Technology Group.

Trump and his spouse sold shares successful a task that helium had nary ineligible request to complete. In different words, Trump could instrumentality the wealth and ne'er person to supply the product.

They could marque a large announcement, merchantability tons of shares, and past ne'er person to present the platform. It sounds a batch similar legalized theft of shareholder funds.

It is not a coincidence that wherever Donald Trump goes, transgression follows.

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